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Sunday, September 3, 2006

6:45PM - The Barrowfields

Forgotten Realms; Mistledale, near Peldan's Helm.
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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Another tidbit from the Sean Reynolds archives. Here to protect my sanity.

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10:22AM - Drow Fighting Styles

This article was written by Sean Reynolds and originally posted to the WotC website in August of 2002. Since their site doesn't want to spit it out, I had to find it elsewhere.

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Monday, July 10, 2006


Null Iron

The Red Wizards of Thay have captured a shipment of Null Iron headed to Aglarond. The wizards have taken the presence of this null iron as tantamount to a declaration of war. The head of the nation, however, has maintained an uneasy peace.

The Simbul claims no knowledge of this shipment. In fact, claims ignorance of just what null iron is, though she could guess by the name.
The wizards have been unable to locate the source of the null iron.

Truth: The Simbul has never heard of null iron. At least, not until the Thayans questioned her about the seized shipment. (The matter of the Thayans seizing the shipment is troublesome, but the caravan was taken on Thayan soil.) She has since been informed as to the general magical nullification abilities of the null iron. Also that it was to be received by Harper Agents in the Yuirwood. (This information was withheld from her in anticipation of questioning by the Thayans, should something go amiss.) It was mined in the Thayan Plateau, in an abandoned mine.
During the Time of Troubles many tunnels were abandoned. Wild & Dead magic areas posed a very real hazard for the Wizards and their ability to control their slaves. Null iron is the result of a Dead magic area that bordered with a Wild magic area.
No one yet knows the real power of the null iron, or what uses, if any, it might have once refined. (Or even if it retains its power once refined.)

Raw Null Iron Ore: Any amount of raw null iron ore of 1/2 pound or more has the following effects
nullify magic
repress magic

Nullify magic: Raw null iron ore generates a dead magic area. The radius of this effect is 5ft per 1/2 pound. Veins of raw null iron ore average a yield of 12 pounds of ore, for the purposes of determining effects within the tunnels.

Repress magic: Outside the magic nullification area, the raw null iron ore's effects lessen but do not end. For 5ft per 1 pound, the ore causes all casters to make 2 Difficulty Checks versus the ore in order to successfully cast any spells.

First: Will Save Versus DC(16 + # of pounds of ore)
If failed, no effect. Spell & components are not used. If successful;
Spellcraft check versus DC(10+spell level+# of pounds of ore).
If the second check fails, spell components are consumed. Spell slot is spent and there is no effect. If successful, spell functions at half. (ie, half damage rolled, half range, half duration, half saves, etc. All are saved - use common sense.)

Nondetection: Raw Null Iron Ore cannot be detected by any magical means, be it divination or otherwise.

Note: Divine magic functions normally/as it would in a dead magic area. The only exceptions to this are clerics of Mystra and Azuth. Also note that raw null iron ore also affects Shadow Weave users, but at half potency (half range nullification & repression, half DCs for repression). Nondetection always functions normally.

"1. I don't know 3rd edition mechanics for shit, so I can't tell this from the stats: Would the material be unbalancing?"

I'm not that great either... However, I am more of a storytelling DM than a Rules Crunching DM. ANY aspect of D&D can be unbalancing if misappropriated. The Null Iron is NOT going to be common, nor easy to acquire, nor easy to work. It is, essentially going to occupy "relic" status. It fills the role of "object of major interest" and "catalyst for events" more than "a new special material that you can buy at a nice shop in a decent city".

"2. The Wizards of Thay caught the shipment."

"Whoever it was they caught it from should be able to give them more information than they apparently have. It doesn't have to be accurate information, because information obtained from torture is traditioanlly unreliable. Or did everyone doing the shipment commut suicide rather than be captured? Or did they get away?"

Good questions, aren't they? These are details that really aren't important to anything so did not come up in my initial draft. All members of the caravan are dead. Or, that's how it appears. I MAY change my mind and have had one or two escape entirely. (The Wizards were at a disadvantage, in range of the ore shipment.)

"The Red Wizards of Thay don't seem to know about the Harpers."

They don't know that the Harpers are directly involved. They might guess. Or one or two individuals might.

"Did the smugglers say that it was Aglarond who ordered it? If so, was this ordered by the Harpers to whom they were actually shipping the Iron?"

Irrelevant. And it isn't so much that it was "ordered".

"Do the Wizards consider its mere presence to be a declaration of war becuase they were told that Aglarond wanted it?"

Aglarond and Thay have always had an uneasy peace, particularly lately. In fact, since the Simbul has come into power in Aglarond, and the new head of Thay (some other woman I believe) has become in charge... Thay has sought to go the route of merchantilism to gain power over the realms, versus war. (They have worked on setting up Enclaves in all major cities, selling discounted magic items all over the Realms.) The caravan was beyond any Thayan stops and very close to the Aglarond border. Aglarond is a peninsula that shares that border with Thay alone. 'Where else could it have been going?' More on this in a different question of yours.

"I'm also assuming that the Harpers wanted this item because they are Good and the Red Wizards are Evil. How are they reacting to their shipment being taken and seized?"

Yes. And of course the Harpers are going to want to get that ore away from the Wizards. The Wizards could do some bad things (as could anyone) with that stuff. Thankfully, the Wizards dont know what all it can do (yet), and they dont know where it came from.

"Wikipedia tells me that The Simbul is fucking Elminster."

Who isn't. Ed Greenwood is such a cockfag.

"Even if The Simbul's powers (the Wikipedia tells me that she's a Witch Queen or some such?) wouldn't be effected by Null Iron, her fuck buddy's presumably would be. Either way.....She potentially has independent concerns with this ore."

It would affect her. She is a Chosen of Mystra. She's rather concerned about such a thing existing.

"Did the Wizards always know the iron was there? Why didn't they do anything about it before?"

Continuation of things above. The Wizards had no knowledge that such a thing existed. It formed in the mining tunnels AFTER the wizards had abandoned them. And the tunnels were deep enough into the plateau that there were no settlements/wizards/etc nearby enough for it to affect them. That it was in the caravan was a surprise. A number of the wizards died taking that caravan too. (They originally attacked to take slaves. Side bonus: finding out what Aglarond was having shipped in a caravan that was taking measures to go undetected through Thayan wilderness.)

"An abandonded mine. Was someone else mining something else there, and the Null Itron was considered useless and left behind in favor of more immediately useful ore? Or was someone mining the Null Iron, meaning that someone knew about it many years ago? If the latter, why isn't knowledge of it more widespread?"

Refer to the paragraph that begins "During the Time of Troubles". Wild magic and dead magic zones were dangerous for arcane casters, and when youc ontrol SOME of your slaves via magic alone, those areas are far too dangerous to maintain. So the Wizards said "fuck this" and abandoned the mines. They were only basic iron mines anyway, and given enough time the areas would repair themselves, etc. In the interim, they found other mines and haven't been too rushed to get back to the others.

How anyone found out about the ore in the first place isn't known by many at all. The manner I will probably approach it is that a Harper Scout was trying to find 'back ways' into areas of the Plateau and went in to explore the abandoned mines, to see if there were secret passages, or the possibilities of making secret passages. One thing leads to another, he finds this strange ore vein that seems to stifle his magical light, etc. (When he walks away his light returns, blah blah blah) and he brings in a fellow Harper, a dwarf... they think it is iron, but it definitely functions similarly to an anti-magic shield spell or dead magic zone, etc. So they figure... the rebels in the Yuirwood (who hate the Thayans anyway) might benefit from this, and they might be able to better defend their caravans if some of it is supplied to them.

So at the moment, only a handful of people know about the null iron. Rumors are going to be circulating by the time I introduce a PC, but they will be minimal, misleading, and largely 100% false.

It may not be the backbone of everything, but...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


My first purchase since sometime in mid-late 2004:

Heroes of Horror

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

2:36PM - The Tyr-cow goes - Moooooooooo, *smite*!

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Friday, May 28, 2004

4:21PM - Basic outline of events.

Here is a basic outline of events "to-date" in the campaign. Let me know if I am missing any main points? I'm working from memory, at work, at the moment.
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Friday, May 21, 2004


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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

6:52PM - Jrakk Tornclaw and Neske Darkrune

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Friday, April 16, 2004

12:18PM - Asshattery: The Next Session.

Tonight, 8pm, as per the usual.

I received my copy of The Gamers on dvd yesterday. If you folks are interested, we can watch it before we start the game. It's pretty darn funny. :)

Nothing I could ever share with non-gamer friends, that's for certain.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004


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11:00AM - RTP Weekly #15 "Wilderness Encounters"

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004


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Monday, March 8, 2004


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Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Monacle of the Sage
This small gold edged lens is attacked to a golden necklace and can be held or worn over a single eye and used to identify the worth of an item or the dweomer of a magical object. Using the lense to study an object will grant a +10 competence bonus to Appraise checks. In addition it will allow magical items to be recognized (as the Detect Magic spell) and can, once per day, analyze the dweomer of a magical item (as if studied with the Analyze Dweomer spell).

Caster Level: 15th Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Detect Magic, Analyze Dweomer, Caster must have 10 Ranks in Appraise; Market Price: 122,000 gp; Weight: -.

-created by dlyman29

Monday, August 11, 2003


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