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Basic outline of events.

Here is a basic outline of events "to-date" in the campaign. Let me know if I am missing any main points? I'm working from memory, at work, at the moment.

Snow elves arrive in Faerun.
Found Clinkingbeard.
Clans formed.
Clinkingbeard sacked by orcs.
Clans split. Most stay relatively nomadic.
Snow Elves launch offensive against Krast, the orcish city.
Krast destroyed. Few orcs survive. Entire tribes eliminated.
Blind Fox clan settles with humans and form Tywelle.
Tywelle is beset upon by a plague, spread through their water.
Party investigates mines near the town, discover kobolds (minor nuisance) and orc cleric, Jrakk Tornclaw.
Jrakk escapes. Kobolds agree to leave.
Party travels to Lull to see Druids of Silvanus (for a plant (Talona's Bane) to purify the water source).
Party rescues two Snow Elven children from Gnolls, enroute.
Party discovers Silvanus Druids murdered by goblins.
Fight Goblins, see female orc (Neske Darkrune).
Neske escapes with 3 goblins. 7 goblins slain, 1 taken prisoner.
Party discovers winding tunnel secreted in Druid storage cellar.
Party discovers map of tunnels, to Alexander Locke's mausoleum.
Alexander Locke (Clr12 Silvanus) died/disappeared investigating strange 'falling stars' outside village of Dia.
Letter found from Silvanus clerics of Dia about strange happenings, to include 'whispering' trees.
Learn from captive goblin: Location of Neske's 'home'. Location of outpost being used by gnolls. Orc dealings with gnolls and goblins.
Talona's Bane delivered to Tywelle, water purified.
Party gathers together, sent to seek "key" to keeping Caeryn Keep safe, while townspeople prepare to move into the Keep.
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